Avoiding the Crash & Burn: Business Survival Strategies

Business Survival Strategies for Tough Times

We’re hearing talk of recession and layoffs almost daily on the news. Talk around the watercooler is that this economic slump is a… well… bummer.

But, what the news ISN’T talking about (but we are) is what the businesses that stay afloat and even grow during tough economic periods do. What strategies are they implementing? Where are they making strategic cuts?

What’s their secret sauce? <–

*unlocking top secret business survival file*


Why Marketing is Key to Business Survival

Now, before you start thinking about all those dancers on Tik Tok and roll your eyes. That’s not it. That may work for certain industries. But, that’s not what we mean by marketing. 

The truth is, marketing is less about focusing on ONE vertical. It’s about creating an ecosystem between multiple verticals that is focused on an audience journey aimed at converting sales.

Most marketing agencies tend to hyper-focus on one vertical leaving CEO’s and in-house decision makers at big companies with the daunting task of managing too many hands. It just doesn’t work. 

The businesses that survive invest smartly. They find the ONE agency that knows all the verticals because they’ve built a team of experts that can support the demand and growth goals– – even during hard economic times

That’s how Suited runs. A full-service agency &  creative studio that has served client’s through ups & downs of the economy- – but providing ONE point of contact, ONE cohesive strategy, and ONE roadmap so that we all avoid the crash and burn.

Our advice: Tip your hat to the news anchor yelling ‘run for the hills’ and then spin your office chair around and reach out to our team.

We’ll take a look at where you are, understand your goals, and develop a plan of action for consistent growth for your business.

No strings attached. Plain and simple. Easy as pie. (and who doesn’t love a good pie?)

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