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Suited is a full-service digital marketing agency and creative studio.

While we maintain offices in Los Angeles, CA, and Austin, TX, we are a fully distributed company with team members working from home offices and private work locations across the US. We work as a team and for our clients 100% remotely.

Suited is tuned to help accelerate small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB’s) of a wide variety of industries and sizes. Our focus is less about industry and more about the mindset and lifecycle of our clients. So long as a company believes in delegation, streamlining marketing and content development under one group, shows up to regular meetings, and has no issue with remote work, we can literally help anyone. Private companies, startups, food service, eCommerce, Legal, Saas, Higher Ed, and the list goes on. Ready to grow and tired of trying to hire the un-hireable for this complex and wide-reaching thing called ‘marketing’? Let’s go!

We can and actually prefer this whenever possible. Whether this internal hire is the classic over-worked generalist marketer, a member of your sales team, or an executive assistant, we find the most success when an individual on your team is designated to be our point of contact. We tend to be the aleviation of so many pains to so many Marketing Managers tyring to do it all, and the ONE solution so many CMO’s prefer and trust over building a huge internal team or managing multiple outside contractors. 

Yes we certainly do! After a 3-month trial where our teams have gotten to know one another by way of a project or short-term engagement, it is not uncommon to have our Marketing Managers be requested to join your team fractionally. These are highly customized and tailored engagements that come as part of an annual strategy and contract, as well as on-site travel and the necessary agreements in place to ‘use’ one of Suited’s team members in this capacity. 

Happy to. This is commonly mistaken for merely ‘hosting’ your website. There is much more than that happening; and your website requires much more than just ‘being hosted’ no matter what great deal you saw on GoDaddy. Our VALET service is a full-service Website Management solution. WordPress websites continue to lead in customization both technically and visually, and with that comes maintenance. We maintain those custom-coded plugins, test prior, give you SSL, backup your site daily, include ADA Compliance, and a few hours of actual edit/change support- quite a bit more than you site just sitting on a server.  

No different than a base model vehicle, we include certain items whether it’s requested by our clients or not. A CRM, strategy time, some degree of social media and email marketing, a dedicated manager, regular meetings, and so on. Those are the wheels, engine, doors, and seats of our plans. We cannot afford the risk of taking on the challenge of growing your business with you, and not have these core elements, points of truth, and sources of sanity. We understand if you feel you’re paying for something you’re not asking for, but we would say that is a great way to clarify us not being a fit for one another. 

Suited offers discounted pricing to registered 501(c3) not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and to local city chamber of commerce institutions. Contact us and mention in the comments about receiving an approved discount for your industry or status. 

Suited Studio is our sister company; a state of the art design studio focused solely on commercial grade visual content creation. 3D modeling and rendering, Photography, Videography, Animation, and professional foundational asset creation and management for a variety of professional companies. Many Suited clients leverage Suited Studio’s capabilities as part of their Web Development Projects, and get specially priced access to a-la-carte requests as part of our Marketing Solutions. 

Not currently, no. However, as part of showing our capability to provide Podcast Services, we had our founder take on his own Podcast (https://businesschatpodcast.com/) just to endure the process like a client, and… it seems he’s enjoying it! We may consider a podcast in the near future. 

We are close to finalizing several scholarship funds aimed at specific regions, skills, and individuals of lesser opportunity. If you represent an educational or non-profit organization and are interested in a Suited Scholarship contact us!

There is virtually no industry we cannot help. We prefer to refer a small list of very particular industries like adult entertainment of a pornographic nature out to trusted partners. If you do not see your particular industry listed, please request a quote anyway and let’s talk. The list of industries we’ve served was a longer list than what we saw fit to place on our website; chances are we’ve got experience in your industry. 

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