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To be in the Health & Wellness Industry today means technology, Brand, and Audience Focus.

Health & Wellness Industry websites

Time to show off

Specifically at that ever-critical home page. What do you say & not say? What is your unique value proposition, technology solution, disruption, or demographic focus within? You have to say it quick, clear, and bold on your website. Suited’s content team has experience collaborating with sharp minds in the TeleHealth, Wellness, and Pharma industries helping to translate complex ideas into simple copy, infographics, and explainer videos, and laying that into clean, bold websites that play a huge role in your hopes to penetrate the market.

Health & wellness Mobile apps

The Experience Users Want

Since we already have websites, and those can be visited/viewed on mobile devices, why build and publish an app? Simple- users like them and want them. When customers love a brand, they look for the app. The app feels like a VIP room vs the website’s public foyer. You have more control over the experience and further reach with push notifications and user logins. In-app purchases, and even just the branding reach of being listed in major app directories- all reasons to consider a mobile app for your Health & Wellness brand. 
We’d love to answer questions and show demo’s on this one!

Health & WEllness video Marketing

Both business and consumer audiences Prefer to watch & listen

Video as a medium is not new. However, it tends to be looked at as ‘extra’ in marketing budgets or somehow seen as going further than most. In reality, video has been here for some time, and is a familiar medium to generations. Instinctively, we all look for ‘the play button’ over the ‘learn more’ button- we just trust it more. Learn more gives more text, while ‘play’ shows and tells us what we need to see. Helps us decide quickly what’s being sold or offered. Don’t consider video as anything less than critical for your Health & Wellness brand; Suited with Suited Studio is ready to get your commercial, animated explainer, or corporate pitch video started. 

health & wellness branding

consistent look & feel

We love the Health & Wellness Industry at Suited, but it still seems that simple, clean, design is still in rare supply when it comes to corporate identities. Don’t cut corners and DIY this one; have our professional design team not only craft a one of a kind logo, but translate that look & feel across web, print, digital, social, video, apparel, merch, and more.

Suited helped launch, pivot and refine our industry wellness brands, and continue to support us in transition as we expand in the telehealth world..”

David Franklin

Founder, knowRX Health

Let us help you build, refine, and grow Your Health & Wellness Brand.


health & Wellness IT, Business & Office Solutions

You didn’t get into the Health & Wellness Industry to manage IT & Office technology; let us remove one more time-consuming area of your business life!

App Hosting & Support

HIPAA certified Database

Business Documents

ADA Compliance

Business Phone System

Business Email Services

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