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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Automation that makes sense for a change.

If you’re saying, “Oh great.. more spam on LinkedIn, just what we need…” – we would understand the reaction. However, you would be wrong, and missing automation that actually sounds like you, feels like you, and stops when they start responding. That, and we don’t craft a single word without you. This is your reputation on the line, and we get your introduction and connection request messaging just right; just the way you’d say it.  You wouldn’t just shove your pitch on someone you just met in person (unless you’re still learning how that doesn’t work), and neither do we craft any automation like that.

We get you connected with ideal prospects, influencers, and potential clients or partners and it ‘goes organic’ from there. As it should!

Campaign Writing

We write your campaign from your draft, or for you with your review and approval.

Prospect Fetching

With your Sales Navigator account, you give us the prospect list you want to meet. 

Stats & Reporting

Your LinkedIn Leads dashboard shows how campaigns are performing

Optimized Profiles

We’ll get a fresh set of eyes on your profile, your company page, content, headshots, and posts, and help to prepare them for all of the attention coming!

Sales Teams

Your VP of sales can have Admin access over your regional sales reps to gauge performance, and gain deeper insights.

Talent Mangement

Get on their show, get them on your show, find keynote event speakers, and introduce your CEO or Thought Leader as a value add to other platforms!

Service Highlight

Podcast Guest management

Get Guests. Be a Guest

Like anything else, if you build it they won’t necessarily come. You need a plan. You’re ready to interview and record episodes but.. how do you get and keep getting guests? Don’t have a huge contact base, or don’t know where to start? We have proven efficient processes to automate podcast guest outreach on LinkedIn. Let us put this in place for you and remove yet another time-sucker.  

About our Application

LinkedIn Leads

What it does

Using your pre-existing Sales Navigator account, we connect your profile to a streamlined application that sets up campaigns, publishes them, shows reports and stats, allows you to respond to, tag, and export lists of connections, and even set up webhooks to the CRM of your choice. This tool was carefully developed to keep your account from being flagged or suspended for over-connecting; it won’t allow it. But it will let you open up access to your team, interns, and trusted partners (including us) to respond and nurture leads for you without you giving out your LinkedIn login credentials.

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