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Despite how far digital marketing has come, with things like automation, social media, and virtual reality, Email Marketing remains among the most consistently solid ponds to keep your marketing hooks in. From branded receipts and automated abandoned cart emails to corporate newsletters and personality brand blogs, Suited can help set up a brand new, or audit & manage your existing Email Marketing efforts.  

eCommerce Email Marketing

ADA Compliance for Mobile Websites

Newsletter Marketing

ADA Compliance for Desktop Websites

RSS Feed Emails

All Suited Clients have an personalized Accessibility Statement (web page & PDF)

Automated Drip Emails

accessiBe technology adheres to WCAG 2.1 and Worldwide Legislation

Action Triggers

Simple to use widget helps the Blind, Motor Impaired, Epileptics experience your product or service

CRM Integration

Get real-time insights on who is viewing your Accessibility Statement and what issues they’re experiencing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Online & Local Business Email Marketing

Sell Products, Retain Customers

eCommerce Email Marketing

The majority of any email marketing done correctly is scheduled months in advance, or pre-built and sent automatically based on user action; actions like subscribing, buying a product, or joining a loyalty rewards program. Still talking today about an email that needs to get out ‘ASAP’? That is chaos. Suited sets up and manages Email Marketing for you like the pro’s do- scheduled and automated, making those in-the-moment blasts more fun, and less urgent knowing key messaging is going out and working in the background.

Professional Service Companies

Gain Inbox Credibility

Pro Services Email Marketing

Notice of a new podcast episode, a newsletter, a blog, or a webinar- all content establishing you as an authority of your industry. Suited’s Email Marketing team wants to help those emails look great, with a better open rate, all scheduled and automated for maximum efficiency.

Email Marketing
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Even within industries, no two companies are alike, nor are their customers or prospects.  Therefore, your email marketing needs, and automated customer journeys will be unique as well. Do you have questions about how we can build or take over management of your email marketing? We’re glad to hear more about your product or service, plans for the future, and lessons from the past. Let’s talk!

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