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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It's about more than just posting. It's about listening.

Social Media Marketing is not one thing, but like the search engine web, it’s about organic, before the paid sisde. Social Media is your opportunity to be transparent, to unpack complex ideas, to granularly talk about your product, and most of all- to maintain visibility. To establish presence, and stay there. Social Media platforms are evolving, crowded spaces looking for more than a cute saying or neat photo; they want a brand with lifestyle and a company with culture and personality. Anyone can post to your channels; Suited is here to give it impact and show you how the pro’s do it- scheduled months in advance with a strategy. 

Establish Presence

This is paramount. Have your brand setup on these ‘free websites’ called social media and post to them from a content strategy plan.

Maintain Awareness

Post with reference to #topics, accounts, and other individual thought leaders and review pages to be found

Grow your audience

By having 3-5 Social Media Accounts, you can grow your audience easily

Gain Followers

Post content that people want to follow and enjoy, then share with friends

Announce Campaigns

Social Media ‘feeds’ are little inboxes; opportunities to announce special offerings, promos, and more

Listen to Feedback

The chit chat of Social Media is an open forum focus group happening all of the time. 

Social Media
Social Media
Top Requested Service

Scheduled Social Posting

How it Works

Our subscription clients are served with a quarterly or annual content strategy and editorial calendar that gives focus and content direction to what you have to say on social media. We are able to keep you working on your spring collection in January, and prepping winter holiday sales in July, knowing messaging for that day/week/month has already been created, approved, and is going out while you run your business and strategize for the months ahead. 

Specialized B2B and Pro Services

Corporate Social Media

What we do for them

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores & food service businesses or eCommerce brands, your Professional Services business is more complex; less traditional, and not totally (or not at all) consumer-facing. For your company, social media means LinkedIn ‘featured services’ and ‘showcase’ pages. Corporate Profiles on Facebook and Glassdoor as well as uniform and fresh-looking branding for your C-suite. A few posts a week to Instagram is not getting your pitch deck seen or setting appointments, we get it, but that doesn’t mean you ignore social media, we simply augment the strategy. 

Social Media
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