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Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Service
Professional Online Video Marketing Services

A full Service Video Production, Editing, Distribution and Management Service

Suited video marketing company serves many industries, therefore we have many video capabilities for those industries. Time lapse and drone video for service and construction industry clients. 3D Animation and explainer video for the eCommerce, Saas, and Educational sectors.Testimonials and short Voice-over promo videos for Corporations and so on. Many of these videos are a product of Suited Studio, and some come about as part of a custom Digital Marketing Subscription, but all of them are client-driven with purpose for their brands.  

We create a video marketing campaign for your brand that is designed to take your marketing video  to the next level. Our video marketing agency not only creates high quality videos but we also have a team of video SEO experts that can help you rank those videos on the first page of YouTube and Google. Our video marketing service is designed for businesses that want to create a constant stream of new, engaging content for their customers.

3D and Animated Explainer Videos

Show a concept or product that is not feasible or too complex to film traditionally with cameras and live settings

Television Commercials

Fully licensed, color, audio, and file quality pro-grade commercial video production

Aerial Drone Video

Drone video delivers stunning clips from the sky, used for virtually every industry, enhancing just about any video project or final edit.

Popular for our Construction Industry clients, and beneficial for any organization that shows a product’s or service’s value over time

Educational Video Series

Internal or External, Onboarding, Training, Technical, learner-focused video series production services

Testimonial Video

Wanna brag a bit? Testimonial Videos tell it best to your target audience


Effective Video MARKETING Strategy

Unforgettable Impact Through Effective Video Marketing Strategies

We are proud to be a leading video marketing agency that uses cutting-edge technology to create videos that grab attention. We provide the full spectrum of affordable video production services and have a knack for crafting high-quality promotional videos, social media videos, as well as other digital video marketing strategies. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. 

Our video production company is committed to creating engaging content and delivering measurable results. We also keep up with the latest trends in video marketing, so we can provide you with the most effective strategies and utilize the best video marketing statistics available. With our expertise and experience, we can help your brand reach a wider audience and create an unforgettable impact.


Product Promo (Fashion)
Product Promo (Luxury)
Product Promo (Sport)
Product Promo (OTC Drug)
Product Tutorial (Saas)
Product Tutorial (Fashion)
Brand Promo (Wellness)
Promo (Pro Services)
Animated Explainer (Real Estate)
Time Lapse + Aerial (Project Stats)
Individual Service Featurette
Episodic Interview (B2B, Pharma)
Product Promo (Saas)
Recruiting (Construction)
Testimonial (Technology)
Real Estate (Product/Model)
Trending Video Service

Episodic Video Series

Educational Videos

Whether your end-point is YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn Live, or your own landing page under a subscribe-and-get wall, having your content broken up like Netflix show works best. Safety Training series for your team? How-to or Top 5/Review content for your audience as part of your funnel? We don’t just produce this video content for our clients, we map out the entire journey. Video Planning, Production, and Distribution. We routinely build from scratch with new brands as well as build upon established names often enhancing their video marketing strategies with our fresh set of eyes and wide-reaching capabilities to place your video series in multiple places, link episodes, and ultimately drive engagement.

Emerging Trend in Video

Video Pitch Decks

What we see

“You don’t understand, my ideal client wants a PDF.. he/she/they won’t get it… a video deck would be too weird, and it’s to untraditional in my industry..” We just flat out disagree, because the data disagrees. Irrespective of age or industry, we bet you’ll stand out in a sea of pitches, offers, and proposals by presenting yours in the medium these humans prefer to engage in, in daily life (video). End it with a ‘download PDF’ download link, and they’ll be delighted. Let’s build you a core video pitch template and customize it (yes a unique edit for each proposal) for each opportunity. This one is being overlooked by far too many Corporations, Startups and other organizations in their B2B approach to sales. 

Affordable Video Marketing SERVICES

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We pride ourselves on offering top-notch video marketing services at an affordable price. No matter your budget, we have a solution that will work for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about our various pricing plans and options.

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