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Professional Website Administration & Maintenance

Valet Website Administration and Maintenance Service

Professional Business Website administration and maintenance services

The basics for any Professional website

For you small business, we know you’ve been sold that you ‘just need hosting’ – you can manage the rest right?
Well, you tell us! So you have a full-time Website Administrator on staff? Oh no? Then you know how to run, label, and store daily backups of your site right? No? Well, you know that updates to plugins and extensions means different tech updating at different times and needs to be tested first not just clicking an update button, and you know how to test updates and how to restore backups and troubleshoot breakage. No? How about a site hack after you let those security plugins get past their critical updates- do you have that training?

Professional businesses have this handled with an in-house Web Administrator; hire or service. They don’t say “we’ll reach out if we need anything”, no, they have pro’s on retainer proactively keeping their business website live, secure, backed up, compliant, and running fast. 

Web Hosting

Simply put, your site is on a web server that real humans on our team attend to and monitor.

Daily Backups

Automated Daily backups are the baseline standard for any business website, not an ‘upgrade’ as some would sell it.

SSL Included

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is the padlock icon by your URL; a Google Ranking factor for all businesses, and required for eCommerce

Monthly Maintenance

WordPress is indeed amazing. With that custom nature comes some regular monthly and quarterly maintenance to keep you secure and up to date.

ADA Compliance

All Suited Client sites are ADA Compliant to adhere to WCAG 2.1 and receive a web user tool and personalized compliance statement


We include 2hrs (usually plenty for the average SMB) per month of basic edit/change request support to your existing content. Clients access via personalized web portal.

Feature Highlight

ADA Compliance

Reduce Risk

While claims against businesses have soared since 2018, you’ve been busy running your business, and are likely not following this ‘ADA’ thing with your website. Basically, you are at risk of a legal claim for being out of compliance with WCAG 2.1 (read more here). Suited installs and monitors an Ai-powered technology on your company’s website as part of any Marketing Subscription to provide accessibility to the disabled and keep you in compliance.

Feature Highlight

Client Portal

Above and beyond

Instead of just a phone number or support@ email (we have those as well), Suited Client Portals actually give you one location to access all files, past support request statuses, request support, and in some cases specific videos for your team from your web development handoff and site launch. This is your space to view all things about your website hosting, your brand, and other services with Suited.

Website Administration and Maintenance
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