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Build Your Brand: Do you define searches, or do searches define you? It might sound crazy, but how you define your online identity will ultimately affect the audience that finds your site in searches. Ideally, you want to ensure that your content and keywords match your ideal audience!

Nuances such as tone and style may also affect your audience and conversion rates. For example, would you want your funeral home website to have a humorous tone or your brain surgeon or lawyer to seem comical?

We carefully ensure that your website and search engine placements effectively tell the story of YOU. The right audience, message, and tone ensure success.  

Build Your Brand Story: The Story Of YOU

What is your unique value proposition? If you’re in business, you know exactly what that benefit is. Maybe you give personal service or have the lowest prices? But, within a few sentences, you can tell someone the “why” of why they should do business with you.

We help you define your value proposition. You understand it, but we help you say it simply and confidently to the rest of the world. Then, we help you model your audience and find where your unique clients are likely to search. By bringing our expertise to your business, we can help your brand stand out with your unique audience.  

Research: A Key Aspect Of Marketing Success

Once we’ve matched your audience with the unique value proposition of your brand, we can help you with other vital elements necessary to build your brand and customers. We identify critical elements of your audience — gender, age, location, income, etc. This would be initial research to build your brand.

These important demographics are necessary to construct an action plan on how to reach them. Our research also informs elements in the website itself, such as tone, subject matter, and content. When all these elements are correctly combined, the marketing effect is undeniable. 

Content-Type: Engaging Your Audience 

After our careful research, we understand your competition. We understand your business. We understand your customer. And, we understand your brand.

We’re ready to build your brand. We also focus on the exact keywords and search terms to drive your customer to your website. Now, we carefully and precisely mix the ingredients to form the perfect marketing recipe. We can introduce the type of content that your audience will engage with best. And whether it be video, blog post, or infographics, our content will get your customer to engage!

Social Media: Finding Your Place

Social media is powerful for building a constituency for your brand. But, to use social media most effectively, you must understand where your customer is. As you may know, different social media platforms appeal to different groups. For example, LinkedIn attracts a business audience while TIC TOK has a younger and trendier audience. 

With our precise research and understanding of your business, we can identify and appropriately place your content in the correct mediums to help build your brand and attract your audience.

UI and UX Design: The WOW Factor

We use great visuals and art to tell the story of YOU. How your site looks tells a great deal about your brand. 

As the saying goes, You never have a second chance to make a first impression

We ensure that your first impression with your potential customer is solid and impactful! We construct your image to be consistent with your message. And, of course, we ensure that all our work is consistent with Google and other search engine requirements to garner you the highest search engine optimization (SEO) possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your Key To Success

We bring the power of research, content, and understanding of your brand to ensure that Google and other search engines understand who you are! 

Our research identifies exactly how your potential clients are likely to be searching Google so that your search results are making their way to the top! 

We handle technical aspects like backlinks, social signals, brand mentions, and on-page factors like powerful titles and accurate metadata. We handle these things so you can handle your business!

Analyze and Track Results: Measure and Manage

Once your content, keywords, and program are in place, we will carefully report its results. We use vital tools such as Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, and BrightLocal to give you accurate and in-depth third-party reporting. We ensure that you have the best metrics in the industry to rely on, and we have the best to inform our decisions on how best to help you and your marketing. 

Our ongoing marketing meetings ensure that you have the opportunities to ask any questions and give us valuable feedback on marketing success.

Experience + Expertise = Success

By helping you create the perfect story of YOU, we can help you attract your ideal client. We understand the power of the internet and the way to use the tools of search engines, social media, and other online marketing to find your perfect audience.  

Lost trying to navigate all of this? Reach out to us!
We look forward to hearing from you today to find out more about your business, and so we can start telling the STORY OF YOU!

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