A Custom Subscription with your very own Remote CMO

All the benefits of Outfitter with the option to white-label your Brand Manager who manages a fully-custom mix of marketing services.

how it works
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Your fractional CMO

Most notably, unlike a hire, your Brand Manager is not scrambling to get all of this work done.

No, your Brand Manager is not 'doing' all of the web design, copywriting, email marketing. They are keeping some of your high-value work on their desk personally, and assigning other tasks such as video edits, ad creative, landing page design, etc. over the appropriate expert on Suited's team, like a working manager of a small team.

TUX delivers the person & the items.
We'll craft your subscription to blend the perfect mix of hours you desire from a rep weekly, and what we call the 'known recurring' marketing & creative work.  That is how we craft your Tux subscription.

what you get



White Label

Position as your 'CMO'
on your company website
Direct your Press & 3rd Party inquiries to a real person w/a company email

Custom Mix

Utilize your existing CRM & Marketing Tools & Apps
...or we'll propose a new & tailored MarTech Stack just for your business

Save on Extras

Include hours to cover those semi-recurring needs
& dev/creative/marketing add-ons
(Video editing, Graphic Design, Ads Mgmt. etc.) 

Contractor Mgmt.

Have your 3rd party Ads, SEO, videography, Event Groups, and PR firms report to your Suited Brand Manger!
ONE voice to report on & manage all moving parts.

What to expect

  • A fractional & remote team member
  • Pro-active weekly meeting invites
  • Project/Task Mgmt. & reporting
  • Our Brand Manager getting to know your team
  • Deep audit & look at all platforms
  • Offering solutions & automated alternatives
  • A well written & spoken rep for your brand
  • One person to 'intake all things marketing'
  • Quarterly Travel* (upon request)
  • Ability to join virtual meetings on your behalf
  • Ability to text or call within Business Hours

What not to expect

  • An Employee
  • More than 2 hours of meeting time/week
  • Covering cost of CRM & Marketing tools
  • A 'yes' man/woman; we'll speak up respectfully!
  • On-demand 'ASAP' delivery
  • Someone you can text or call all hours of the night & weekend
  • A mind-reader (communication required)
  • A personal assistant (booking flights, etc.)
  • Unlimited... anything. 


Still need more?


We excel at building a full-service creative & marketing 'team' for Startups & rapid-growth companies looking to 'trust all of it with ONE team of professionals'. 

Let's get started.

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