A professional brand & website refresh

All Suited subscriptions are built upon the Valet's delivery of a great looking website & brand with unlimited support.

how it works
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Look great, fast.

We start by suggesting any light refresh to your brand identity such as your logo, photography style, fonts, colors and so on. Some clients come to us even come asking for this, others are already committed to their logo; we can work with either.

From there we quickly give your website a facelift, and spread that 'new look' throughout your organization; print, web, social, ... even the coffee mugs if you want!

our process

The Valet delivers

Web Refresh

Full Website Refresh
Responsive Design
Essential SEO

Brand Refresh

Refreshed Logo
Branding Kit


Managed Hosting
Daily Backups
SSL/Secure Site


Unlimited Visual Edits
Same-Day Response
Analytics Reporting

What to expect

  • The offer to refresh your logo
  • A refreshed Website
  • Branded Social Art for company pages
  • Better Forms
  • Faster Load Speed
  • Better Mobile Experience
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Backups
  • Secure Site/SSL
  • Plugin, Theme & Wordpress Updates
  • Basic Optimization SEO
  • Same-day support response
  • Unlimited visual edits
  • Add new pages at no cost
  • Discounted Add-Ons*

What not to expect

  • More than 3 revisions
  • Unlimited Pages at no extra cost
  • Actual Social Media Posts
  • A Product Builder
  • A mobile App
  • A particular Ranking in Google
  • On-Demand Support Response
  • Same-Day Delivery of Requests
  • Ability to create new pages without your content
  • Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing
  • Ongoing Graphic Design
  • Phone Support
  • Custom Development at no charge


Looking for a bit more?

Want to take the next step toward growth without breaking the bank? Checkout the Tailor where we get you started with a balanced mix of basic marketing & advertising w/pro-level apps & tools.

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