A dedicated human saving you even more time

The web & marketing services of Valet & Tailor with the added time-saver of a dedicated Brand Manager.
No more drafting content; we've got it.

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Your Marketer

Valet got your Brand & Web Refresh. Tailor took some time-consuming yet high-value 'basic marketing' tasks off of your plate & growing the visibility of that brand of yours. Except now, you're too busy to deliver the drafts for the team- congrats, you're growing!

With Outfitter, we pair you with a dedicated rep- a 'Brand Manager' to write the emails, research your social targets, keep ads refreshed & dynamic, and continually enhance your website & all of it's content.

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The Outfitter delivers


1 Brand Manager
Direct Messaging
Weekly Meetings

A Marketer



Hand-picked solutions
Web Devleopment


Content Calendars
Team Collaboration
Combined Reporting

What to expect

  • An enhanced TAILOR Subscription
  • Email Marketing & Web Content Written for you
  • Additional Email Automations & segmenting
  • Ad Creative Refreshed without you asking
  • Social Targets Refreshed every month
  • SEO Enhancements & Reports
  • Weekly calls/virtual meetings
  • Proactive Creative Ideas
  • 4 Additional Web Development hours/mo.
  • Marketing & app/solution hunting

What not to expect

  • An Employee
  • Someone you can text/call at random
  • A Salesperson
  • Ad spend to be included
  • Content to go out without your approval


Need more?

Beyond the Outfitter, we enter a fully custom engagement with you & your team. Your apps, your mix, your other outside vendors, and we'll manage it all. Plus, you have the option to white-label your Brand Manager as part of your team!

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