Design: The Truth About The Template Lie

The Truth About the Template lie

One of my ‘themes’ as Creative Director at Suited is defining terms and debunking myths. It can be hard to get much done if we’re all talking in circles with no common understanding of basic terms and methods. I’ve noticed in my years as a designer, that many agencies and freelancers have made their business […]

Your Audience Determines Your Future

Audience is Everything Marketing Article

Have you ever gone to an event, expecting it to be about one thing, only to find that it was about something completely different? Did you quickly realize that this event held absolutely no interest for you? Or how about going to a costume party and being the only one not in a costume – […]

Business & Client Matchmaking – How It’s Done

Build Your Brand -marketing_matchmaking

Build Your Brand: Do you define searches, or do searches define you? It might sound crazy, but how you define your online identity will ultimately affect the audience that finds your site in searches. Ideally, you want to ensure that your content and keywords match your ideal audience! Nuances such as tone and style may […]

Visual Storytelling: How to End the Video Marketing ‘Disconnect’

visual storytelling

My first introduction to visual storytelling was when I was a kid. One of my favorite memories was sitting with Roland, who was like a grandfather to me and listening to his crazy stories. With great ease, he would spin these wild tales of adventure while I listened completely transfixed, envisioning the entire adventure. Wildly […]

SEO Website Traffic: The Key

SEO Article

SEO means search engine optimization – this article will help you gain a deeper understanding of the importance of SEO for your website. The facts about organic vs paid traffic Do you want your company website to appear on Google’s 1st page? Of course, you do! But, do you know why that is absolutely critical?  […]

3 Things Every Project Needs to Succeed

3 Things Every Project Needs To Succeed

In this article I want to talk about not just what projects need to succeed, but how any kind of  ‘project’ needs this; whether it’s in our web/marketing world or not. The 3 things every project needs to succeed is common logic but it’s often overlooked as we fancy ourselves a bit more brilliant than […]

5 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Deliverability

5 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Deliverability

Let’s make the most out of your email marketing by doing a few things behind the scenes. There’s a lot that happens with an email after you hit the send button.  Many of those actions have to do with making sure the email you send is not spam and is “wanted” by the Internet Service […]