Design: The Truth About The Template Lie

The Truth About the Template lie

One of my ‘themes’ as Creative Director at Suited is defining terms and debunking myths. It can be hard to get much done if we’re all talking in circles with no common understanding of basic terms and methods. I’ve noticed in my years as a designer, that many agencies and freelancers have made their business […]

Visual Storytelling: How to End the Video Marketing ‘Disconnect’

visual storytelling

My first introduction to visual storytelling was when I was a kid. One of my favorite memories was sitting with Roland, who was like a grandfather to me and listening to his crazy stories. With great ease, he would spin these wild tales of adventure while I listened completely transfixed, envisioning the entire adventure. Wildly […]

Art vs. Design; Knowing the Difference Helps Everyone

Art vs Design

Art vs. Design, Is it Art or Is it Design? For the longest time, I viewed the terms as interchangeable. “Art” referred to a piece of “design”, and “design” was what you did to make “art”. You ‘design’ or ‘make’ art in different forms, right? I like to keep the two distinctly separate now after being […]